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My Story

After spending the last 17 years building and developing my career in the Oil & Gas industry, several weeks ago it all came to an end.

I have worked for some of the largest O&G services companies in the world. Travelled all over the globe, taken on roles and challenges, consistently being taken out of my comfort zone. I have been mentored and coached by some of the most inspirational people I have ever met (yes you know who you are: AS, KN, JC).

I worked my way through the matrix organisation and in most cases, thrown in at the deep end “sink or swim”. I always managed to tread the water until I was ready to swim the ocean. On my journey, I always had the ability to look at my team members, colleagues and peers and try to learn from them. I always assumed the role of learner to ensure I stayed grounded focused and look for ways to improve not only myself but those around me and in particular my direct reports.

It was not always an easy road to follow, I have had my fair share of failures, hurdles to climb, life changing events, I just got up dusted myself down and realigned my vison to ensure I kept on the right track.

You should always try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to ensure you have an objective view of every situation. I believe very strongly in asking advice from my seniors/mentors/peers on a personal & professional level to ensure I stay grounded at all times.

I have a saying that I have always used for the last decade or so “If my team are successful then I will be successful”

I look at the qualities, strengths and weaknesses of not only my team but also myself and use this to drive my team to success.

These qualities have enabled me to have a very fruitful career in both senior operational roles and Career & Talent development.

I spend several years working as a regional career development manager. When I was Initially informed of this new role I was terrified of moving from an operational/technical role to a Human Resource professional role.

I kept asking myself, why would anyone want me to take an HR role, I am an operations guy, I lead teams, I grow business, not careers. Then I thought about what I had already achieved with my teams, it all fell into place. Someone had noticed I was a rough diamond who just needs some polishing.

“We are all born diamonds, somewhere along the way we build layers of self-doubt, fear, worry and fill our garden with weeds from our past, let’s break the shell and clear out our weeds and polish our diamond”

Moving into this role was one of the best decisions in my career, it allowed me to flourish, challenge my own fears, use my empathetic nature and leadership qualities to guide, direct and nurture others in achieving and developing their own goals in life.

Its always those scary moment in life when you feel lost, afraid of change, self-doubt or unappreciated in your career that you look for someone or something to pull you back to who you really are and revaluate why you chose this path in the first place.

“Fear is your imagination undirected, faith in your imagination directed, sometimes we all need some direction to get our faith back on track”

I am 100% sure that there will be a lot of young engineers, managers and colleagues who will read this post and agree that I helped build confidence, enabled them to come out of their own comfort zone, guided them to believe in themselves and their true potential.

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