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My Path

Now rather than being devastated about this decision the company had made, I took a different approach to my situation. Yes, off course I had anger initially, disappointment for sure, but I was calm, understanding and empathetic to the tough decisions we all have to make in our careers.

Was it the right decision, probably not in my opinion, the talent is still there, they still need guidance for sure, personal development plans in place to ensure they grow and more importantly, they know the company cares enough to want to develop them more now than ever.

Was it the right decision for me, YES absolutely, it gave me the opportunity to actually focus on what makes me happy, do what I love doing. It has given me the ability to write my own story, create my own path.

On the 15th February 2017, I registered my new company with the Companies House in Edinburgh “The Power Within Coaching LTD” was born.

My ending has not been written yet, my path has been set, my vison is clear, I want to use my experience to help others, develop teams to be the best they can be, help companies understand the importance of healthy, focused and committed employees.

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