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Life Coaching

My life coaching is a form of personal development whereby the coach helps the client work towards accomplishing goals in a collaborative way.

It can have a wide range of personal benefits and can work in many areas of your life.

By using coaching and NLP techniques cumulatively it ensures all my clients leave feeling not only motivated and ready for change, but with a new understanding to the emotional connection of events that we have let dictate our lives.

We pull the weeds of change and then spend time killing the roots to ensure they do not grow back.


Creating a new better understanding of what controls our thoughts, fears and emotions

Overcome emotional obstacles, low confidence, self-worth and insecurities

Strategies and techniques that facilitate you to reach your goals and objectives faster with permeant results

Clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.

True understanding of FEAR: It’s a choice not a condition!

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