Excel Personal and Professional Development & Goals Setting Workshop London - The Power Within Coaching Ltd

" The best way to predict your future is to create it "

Why should I Attend?

• If you are looking to Transform your mind-set from negative to positive and be consistent

• Want that extra edge & winning mentality in your professional life.

• Are you Looking for self-improvement, self-development & Increased performance at home or work

• Do you Need to Develop new ways to grow, learn & progress

• Looking for ways to change but don't know how or where to Start

• Want to Learn to break free your chains of fear & doubt that have been holding you back for years & start living again

• Do you want to live a life full of Pride, Passion & Purpose

"No Successful Person got there by themselves"

You will learn & Understand?

• Core beliefs & Limiting Beliefs
              ➢How they were created
              ➢How they hold you back

• Understand the Power of growth Mind-Set and how it will change you personal & Professional life forever

• Take back control of your thoughts & actions

• To Set & Define Goals, Plans & Take Actions

• Leave with your own goals & action plan for 2018

• Make the most of out of your day & how to prioritize what's important in your life

• How to control your inner dialogue (Self Talk)

• Take the first steps to embrace & implement change

• The importance & power of feedback

• How the words you speak, affect those around you
              ➢Kids, Partners, Friends, Family & Co-workers
• Improve yourself, your performance & outlook in life

• How fear & self-doubt hold you back from achieving greatness in life

• How to create positive habits & discipline to boost your Professional Life.

• Start to looking forward to loving life again

• Develop a positive mental strategy & focus all of the time

Understand the planning process to identify your goals

”The Only Person Who Can Make the Change is YOU"

Outcomes & Expectation

(Word from previous workshop attendees)

• To be Empowered, Inspired, Focused & Awakened with an understanding & acceptance of who you are & how to move forward in life

• Learn how to set goals, set plans & take actions the right way

• Leave with a clear plan, set of goals and actions to drive your life forward.

• A clear understanding of how to take back control of your success

• An Understanding of what stopped you from achieving success in life and how to change that thought process

• How to chase away negativity & doubt and come out winning

• How to build your self-esteem, confidence and create a structure that can be implemented to ensure a happy, goal driven & procedures future

• Game Changing process: Excited about the Future now

”Too Soon & Too Often, is better than Too Late & Not Enough"

"You must make a Choice to take a Chance,
Or your life will never Change"


Arbor City Hotel,
12-20 Osborn Street
E1 6TE
(200 mtrs from Aldgate East underground station)


20th April 2018 Time: 08:00 to 17:00

Snacks & Lunch included in the Ticket Price

£139 Early Bird Price (if booked before 2nd April)

£ 249 Full Ticket price (after 2nd April)

“Live your dreams, write your own story, how it ends is up to you”

”Testimonial from Previous Attendees”

I recently attended James Fleming's One Day Mindset Performance & Motivational Intelligence Workshop, it was an outstanding day
The content is world class and it has been invaluable in guiding me to the next stage in my business

James’s knowledge and experience is inspirational I can highly recommend James, he will help you transform your business and your mindset
John Hamilton: MD & Business Owner

Tremendously Positive course, I wish I had done this years ago, must be the best course I have attended in the 29 years I have been in business”.
James Watson, Business Development Manager

“This self-Leadership development course is something that should be taken in schools, colleges & universities, in fact its impact should be noticed at all levels. To as many people who are entering their working life or just don’t know how to use the mind-set to make their life a success & reach their life goals”.
Stuart Simpson, Operations Manager

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of James' motivational workshops in Glasgow and it was one of THE best learning days of my life. It was a fun-filled, enlightening day with loads of 'ah ha' moments for me personally.
James is so passionate about his delivery and his knowledge of what makes us achieve (or not) will blow your mind.

I certainly left with a list of actions I need to take (some taken already and it was only yesterday!!) and my self-belief has rocketed.

For me, one of the biggest light-bulb moments was realising we can attend courses and re-skill, upskill or learn a new skill but if we haven't got that mindset and belief that we can achieve anything, then we're really doing ourselves, and our employers a great disservice.

It all starts and ends with us; our unlimited belief that anything is ours for the taking if our inner dialogue is focused in the right way.

If only we got this the right way round when we were young. Train the conscious and the unconscious mind first and always, and any learning of a skill after that will be a walk in the park.

Thank you, James, for your belief, your genuine motivation, and passion for helping others. It has helped me more than you'll ever know.
Trish Mullen: Operations Manager/Entrepreneur