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My name is James Fleming; I am the very proud owner of “The Power Within Coaching Ltd”

So you want to CHANGE? Well, change can be difficult & uncomfortable, but necessary at times.

Do you often allow OPPORTUNITIES to pass you by in life, you just don't recognise it when it comes around, you're blind to it, WHY?

Because we allow FEAR to control our lives, we allow FEAR to blind us to opportunity!
The Bigger the FEAR the greater the OPPORTUNITY

FEAR is NOT a real emotion, its a mindset, a limiting belief, something we have the power to change.
But self-improvement, self-development and changing your mindset isn’t for the fainthearted. To be truly happy, successful and create a mindset for a better, happier life takes hard work, courage, commitment and authenticity. Are you ready to look in the mirror?Let's start by talking about what kind of change you'd like to make to your business, personal or professional life.
You will then decide if signing up to one of my coaching sessions, workshops or coaching programmes will help you on your journey towards success, happiness & abundance in life.

I can also come to your place of business, conference or event and show you and your colleagues the importance of mindset Performance to achieve ultimate success in everything you do.

I would be delighted to support you on this exciting, fulfilling & emotional journey we call life.

FEAR is a choice, NOT a condition!


Why I Coach

“I am committed &
passionate about helping
people embrace change in
their lives”

Who I Coach

“I coach people who are
fully committed to making a
positive change in life”

How I Coach

“I provided 1-to-1 coaching,
group coaching, 1-day
seminars 2-day personal
development workshops ”

Life should never be a chore, only a challenge waiting to be conquered!

We spend most of our adult lives worrying what other think of us, are we good enough, are we loved enough, why ME, life is short. So why not set out to make your personal & professional life happier and more successful. 

Coaching can help you be the best version of you, not what other want you to be or expect you to be, the REAL you. And in so doing be happier and healthier in every way!

Knowing ourselves from the inside, how we operate, our strengths & weaknesses , how we connect with others, and see ourselves from numerous positions, is key to this success

I help people discover who they really are, who they want to be and the life they deserve to live. Find better ways to approach our daily lives and become a high performing member of society

Watch this video to hear a bit more about why I became a coach and what changes you expect to see!

Fear, Choice & Opportunity

Wheel of Life


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Life & Mind-Set Coaching Packages

“One to One”

1-Hr Coaching session


“Set yourself free”

3 month Coaching


“Commitment for life”

12 month Coaching


Keynote & Anti-Bullying Speeches Packages

“Free Anti-Bullying Interactive Speeches”

Tailored to suit
any age group and subject matter


“Business Keynote/Motivational Speaking”

45 - 60 min Session


Professional Life Coaching and Counselling Diploma

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